Nominations for Midwest Leak Awards and Honors 2024

Nominations for Midwest Leak Awards and Honors 2024

Nominations are now open for the Midwest Leak Awards and Honors.

Nominate your suggestion for any categories you wish to contribute to. If you are unfamiliar with or don’t have a contribution to add to any certain category, it is ok to leave it blank. There is a space to suggest a category below. You may also submit a suggestion for a Rose honoree in the essence of community work, youth impact, political and social change, activism, advocacy and legacy.

Click here to nominate your Indy’s faves and suggest Rose honorees or nominate below.

Flashback 2020 winners list:

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  1. Indy’s favorite esthetician/beard lady

    • Danina Wright
    • On: April 8, 2024

    Dre Day

    • Coach Domo
    • On: April 16, 2024

    Nominate “EZ” Eron McDuffey
    8th grade Chapelhill Middle School
    This season MIC season champ 22-1 and MIC Tournament champion beating Belzer Bears team by 18 in the championship. EZ averaged 21points 12 assist per game this season. And was the MIC MVP. EZ also is an honor student with 3.8 GPA

    • sharyah
    • On: April 17, 2024

    markel gray is a great athlete is very skilled in all around big guard at 6’3