SPORTS: The Magician Presents Magic Promotions

SPORTS: The Magician Presents Magic Promotions

The Magician’s shift from independent contractor to entrepreneur is no trick. In fact it’s a strategy for community impact. Magic Promotions founder Anthony Sims is a decorated boxer is his own right, but the key is putting people with dreams in alignment with his own in position to expand the opportunities available to everyone interested in the sport as a whole. 

Naptown Rumble 2 weigh in at Nap or Nothing Shop in downtown Indianapolis.

In addition to creating opportunity for aspiring boxers, Sims sees the Naptown Rumble as a way to expose the youth to the art of boxing and encourage them to put the guns down and pick the gloves up.

“Boxing teaches structure. You have to learn how to take a hit and think through your reaction to it quickly and strategically,” said Sims. “You have to be sure to make your next move your best move. It applies not just in the sport, but in life.”

The second Naptown Rumble will be held April 20th at Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis, Indiana and streamed worldwide. 

Magic Promotions plans to host its third Naptown Rumble on July 27, 2024. 

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