Community: Munford Cares Initiative, Aspiring to Inspire

Community: Munford Cares Initiative, Aspiring to Inspire

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What inspired you to start the organization Munford Cares? One day my niece asked me, “Uncle, growing up did you ever think that going outside there was a chance you could get killed?” I never ever thought like that. So if my niece felt like that then I know there are other kids who feel like that. Munford Cares aims to show the youth of Indianapolis that someone does care. I know a lot of youth look to sport athletes or movie stars as role models but it’s hard to reach out and touch those people. I’m hoping to be someone that they can look up to and remain accesible to them. I have taken so much from the community growing up that I have no choice but to give back now that I’ve made it out.

What made you to decide to work with kids? I was that child without a father in the home. I witnessed domestic violence in my household. I saw my mother work night and day to make sure we didn’t go without. I was the book smart, nerdy kid just trying to fit in. I was the popular kid that everybody followed. I was the sports star. I went to one of the worst high schools in Indy then transferred to HSE and made all As and Bs my freshman year. I say that to say not too many people can relate to every child like I can. If I can help them to not make the mistakes I made then I have completed my mission.

How was the first event? We had 177 children attend and they all got tokens and pizza. The children enjoyed themselves at Chuck E Cheese!


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